Scotty creek research station

Full Media List

Full List

67. June, 2018: Laurier Press Release: National Indigenous People Day. PDF

66. May, 2018: Interview with Current Affairs, CBC North Radio. Discussion on how permafrost thaw is affecting the Dehcho region. MP3

65. May, 2018: Interview with Josh Campbell, News Reporter / Host for CKLB Radio. Discussion on Dehcho Collaborative on Permafrost.

64. May, 2018: Interview (14 May, 2018) with Greg Mercer, for news article, Kitchener Record, May 19th, 2018. PDF

63. May, 2018: Hoarfrost River environmental field study. Feature Article in Above & Beyond, First Air. PDF

62. April, 2018: Laurier and northern high school students headed to a remote research site in Northwest Territories for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. PDF

61. February, 2018: Interview on CKLB Radio, 101.9 FM, Yellowknife. Interview with Owen Fullerton:

60. February, 2018: Laurier students team up with northern high school students for environmental field course near Yellowknife. PDF

59. February, 2018: Laurier Press Release: Laurier Cold Regions Research Centre to host lecture on caribou decline in Northwest Territories. 

58. January, 2018: News / North: Permafrost project gets funding boost. Dehcho research maps permafrost loss, effects on water levels. PDF

57. December, 2017: Campus Magazine: Laurier up North: Researchers aim to answer important questions about a changing northern climate.

56. November, 2017: Laurier Press Release: Northern activist Daniel T'seleie to speak at Wilfrid Laurier University’s annual Cold Regions Research Centre Day, 1 Dec., 2017.

55. November, 2017: Interview with Josh Campbell, News Reporter / Host. Discussion on Cold Regions Research Centre Day.

54. October, 2017:: Wilfrid Laurier University on-line publication:

53. September, 2017: ERL Video Abstract: Scotty GHG Flux Studies:

52. September, 2017: Promotional video for the opening of Wilfrid Laurier University’s new office in Yellowknife, NWT. 19 September.

51. August, 2017: Television interview with National Broadcast Company, Sakha (Yakutia), Russia. 9 August.

50. July, 2017: CBC North radio interview with Loren McGinnis (The Trailbreaker).

49. July, 2017: Laurier Press Release: Laurier Cold Regions Research Centre accepting student registrations for Northwest. or PDF.

48. June, 2017: Laurier Press Release: Laurier-led Northern Water Futures project to study water sustainability in the Northwest Territories.

47. March, 2017: News Article, Dehcho Drum. Scientists reach out to youth: Thursday, March 9, 2017, p. 9. or PDF.

46. March, 2017: Interview on CKLB Radio, 101.9 FM, Yellowknife. Interview with Ashley Anthony on Denedeh Sunrise: or MP3.

45. March, 2017: The influence of taliks on permafrost thaw in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Changing Cold Regions Network, Spotlight on Student Research. or PDF.

44. March, 2017: Laurier Press Release: Laurier field course gives Northwest Territories high school students experience combatting climate change. or PDF.

43. January, 2017: Extreme Camping, Ducks Unlimited publication: or PDF.

42. September, 2016: Canadian Water Network WatKAN Plain Language Report. One page document or five page document

41. August, 2016: CKLB Radio, 101.9 FM. Interview with Josh Campbell, News Reporter / Host. Discussion on how climate change is affecting the Deh Cho region of the NWT.

40. December, 2015: Toronto Star. Falling lake an omen of change in global permafrost landscape.

39. December, 2015: Telephone interview with Michael Robinson, Toronto Star on 21 December, 2015 on how permafrost thaw results in landscape change.

38. November, 2015: A\J Alternatives Journal. Climate Warming and Aboriginal Communities in Northern Canada: Uncertain Futures.

37. November, 2015: Laurier press release:

36. November, 2015: 570 AM. Interview with Martin Bauman.

35. November, 2015: Scientific American. Permafrost Meltdown Raises Risk of Runaway Global Warming. Melting ground could release enough greenhouse gases to trigger catastrophic climate change

34. November, 2015: Climate Wire. Runaway global warming becomes a concern as permafrost melts. Thursday, November 19, 2015.

33. September, 2015: Telephone Interview by G. Vaidyanathan of Climate Wire Magazine on 20 Sept., 2015 on how permafrost thaw is changing northern ecosystems.

32. August, 2015: Provided a two-day interpretive tour of the Scotty Creek research facility and site to G. Vaidyanathan, Reporter for Climate Wire / Scientific American.

31. April, 2015: Introductory remarks for “Water + Ice: Precious Resources, Principled Neighbours”. Panel discussion with Hon. M. Miltenberger, Minister of Finance and Minister of Environment & Natural Resources, Northwest Territories, and Ms. Merrell-Ann Phare, Chief Negotiator, Government of the NWT, and others. Youtube video:

30. April, 2015: National Geographic, published 2 April, 2015. Reference to Scotty Creek in "Are Harvard's Dying Hemlocks a Warning for Trees Everywhere?".

29. January, 2015: Interviewed by Meagan Wohlberg, Northern Journal, 16 January, 2015. “Spreading southern wetlands, drying delta lakes: scientists predict the future of a warmer NWT”.

28. January, 2015: Interviewed by Randy Henderson, North Beat (TV), CBC North. CBC Studio, Yellowknife, 15 January, 2015.

27. January, 2015: Legislature Talks: The Knowledge Series. Invited public presentation at the Legislature Building, Yellowknife: “A glimpse of the future: insights into water resources in a warmer NWT”, 14 January, 2015. Youtube video:

26. January, 2015: Interviewed by Ollie Williams. Moose FM - 100.1 CJCD Yellowknife, 13 January, 2015.

25. January, 2015: Interviewed by Robyn Burns. CBC North. Yellowknife, 12 January, 2015.

24. October, 2014: Interviewed by Ollie Williams. Moose FM - 100.1 CJCD Yellowknife, 3 October, 2014. 

23. September, 2014: News Article, Dehcho Drum. Scientists study changing landscape: Researchers expanding permafrost studies at Scotty Creek. Thursday, September 4, 2014 p. 6.

22. June, 2014: InsideLaurier (June 2014). Grad students spend three months at remote research site: Research in the Northwest Territories looks at how climate change is affecting the Far North.

21. April, 2014: Interviewed by Matt Holmes, Matt Holmes Show. CHML AM 900, Hamilton, 22 April, 2014. Discussion of Earth Day.

20. September, 2013: Opening of the new Centre for Cold Regions and Water Science. YouTube video:

19. October, 2013: Quinton radio interview. Host: Leonard Linklater, CBC Whitehorse – radio interview, 23 Oct., 2013. Oceanus share News and interviews CBC Radio wolf creek basin WLU project oct-21 2013

18. October, 2013: Transcript of Minister Miltenberger’s speech to the Legislature on the Laurier-GNWTPartnership.

17. October, 2013: Research@Laurier (October 11, 2013). Researcher feature on: opening of new centre for leading-edge research into cold regions and water science.

16. October, 2013: Research@Laurier (October 13, 2013). Researcher feature on Canadian Water Network Grant: Laurier researchers receive funding for Water Knowledge Application Network (WatKAN), Quinton, Baltzer, English et al.

15. October, 2013: News article, Kitchener Record Article, Oct. 5th, 2013.

14. September, 2013: Research@Laurier (September 9, 2013). Researcher feature on Quinton: “Research shows permafrost and ecosystems in the subarctic changing quickly”.

13. September, 2013: Radio Canada International. Feature on Quinton/Baltzer/Sonnentag research at Scotty Creek, NWT. “Research shows permafrost and ecosystems in the subarctic changing quickly” by Marc Montgomery.

12. September, 2013: News Article, Dehcho Drum. Deh Cho muskeg at centre of climate change study, Thursday, September 5, 2013 p. 3. PDF

11. September, 2013: News Article, Dehcho Drum. Country food reassurances offered at Kakisa workshop. Thursday, September 5, 2013 p.4. PDF

10. September, 2013: News Article, Dehcho Drum. Muskeg offers climate clues. Thursday, September 5, 2013 p.7 PDF

9. September, 2013: Provided a two-day interpretive tour of the Scotty Creek research facility and site to the NASA/ABoVE (Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment) Science Advisory Team.

8. August, 2013: Provided a one-day interpretive tour of the Scotty Creek research facility and site to a delegation including R. Thompson, Reporter for the Decho Drum, M. Miltenberger, NWT Minister of Environment, representatives from the Decho First Nation, and others.

7. August, 2013: Featured article by journal. Williams, T. W. Quinton and J. Baltzer, 2013. Linear disturbances on discontinuous permafrost: implications for thaw-induced changes to land-cover and drainage patterns.

6. July, 2012: CBC North radio interview with Joslyn Osenbrug (The Trailbreaker).

5. January, 2012: Research@Laurier (Winter, 2012). Laurier awash in major water research. Researcher feature on northern water research at Laurier. PDF

4. October, 2010: CBC-North TV interview with Deneze Nakehk'o (Northbeat), Climate warming in the north. Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre (4 October, 2010).

3. July, 2008: Research@Laurier (Summer, 2008). Researcher feature on the Laurier Institute for Water Science: “It’s all about water”. PDF

2. December, 2007: Unlocking the secrets of climate change, by Roxanna Thompson, Northern News Services (13 December, 2007). PDF

1. December, 2007: Problems Ahead for Canada’s Water Supply. The Record (Kitchener), Research File (8 December, 2007). PDF